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Categories > Shop by Brand > SoftBums

SoftBums Echo with SlideSize.  Don't Use Your Diapers Once; Re-Use Them Over And Over!
  SoftBums Echo System lets you build a custom diaper for your baby!


Colors right to left; Ocean, Snowcone, Bubblegum, Sprout, Coconut, and Chocolate



SoftBums Echo Features:
  • SoftBums Patent Pending SlideSize is the ONLY variable adjustment of it's kind
  • Fits all legs widths from 4" - 14" for NO red marks EVER.  Made in the USA!
  • Choose your own Pods for a customized diapering system!
  • SoftBums Echo looks smaller than leading brands, because it's Ultra Trim
  • No Leaks, Thanks to SlideSize Technology!
  • SoftBums Echo protects against rash; up to 80% less rash than disposables!
  • Industrial strength velcro closures are long lasting and won't "wear out" like other velcro
  • Reusable Echo shell saves money, space, and resources

Softbums Large DryTouch Pods (Snap in inserts)-snap in inserts, softbums, drytouch, doubler, large pod inserts
Softbums Large DryTouch Pods (Snap in inserts)
Softbums Mini Pods-Softbums Mini Pods, drytouch and bamboo
Softbums Mini Pods
$2.95 - $3.95
Softbums Echo-Softbums Echo Shell, echo
Softbums Echo
Softbums Omni Diaper Package-Softbums Omni, pocket diaper, one-size diaper
Softbums Omni Diaper Package
Out of Stock
SoftBums Organic Bamboo Wipes-SoftBums Organic Bamboo Wipes, wipes, organic wipes, SoftBums
SoftBums Organic Bamboo Wipes
Softbums Bamboo Starter Kit-Softbums Bamboo Starter Kit, Starter Kit, SoftBums, Bamboo, cloth diaper
Softbums Bamboo Starter Kit
SoftBums Starter Kit-Softbums start kit, starter kit, softbums, cloth diaper
SoftBums Starter Kit
SoftBums Calendar/Seasonal Bums-SoftBums Calendar Bums, SoftBums, Cloth Diaper
SoftBums Calendar/Seasonal Bums
Softbums One-Size DryTouch SUPER Pod-One-Size DryTouch SUPER Pod, insert, doubler
Softbums One-Size DryTouch SUPER Pod
Out of Stock
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