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Happy Heinys

*Glow in the Dark guaranteed for 30 washes (30 days). Some detergents that specialize in completely removing residue may remove glow & voids 30 wash warranty.
*All color/print pictures are representative of our one size diapers. Sized diapers do not have leg casings or cross over tabs but they can be added by request at no additional charge.

Happy Heinys has worked hard to earn the trust of thousands of families with their original sized pocket diapers. We are thrilled to bring you that same quality and measure of success with our one size pocket diapers, available in both hook & loop or snap closure. Happy Heinys one size pocket diapers use only the best materials, from the custom milled fleece to industrial strength notions, to create a diaper that will fit your baby from about 8-35 pounds. With 4 sizing options, easily accessible on the front of the diaper by using durable snaps, we can offer a precise fit for your babys growth stages. Our adorable prints have been made to the same specifications as our popular sized diapers, which means they are not going to wick urine during nap time or nighttime use.

With your one size pocket diaper purchase, you will receive a set of two microfiber inserts, which are 3 layers each. The smaller insert may be used on the smallest setting of the size range on the diaper. The larger will fit the medium and large settings, to which you can add the smaller insert for extra wet zone protection of 6 total layers of thirsty microfiber! The unique design of our diapers allows for additional stuffing if needed. A hemp Stuffins provides an absorbent boost when paired with the included microfiber inserts. Stuffins fill the width of your one size diaper, and also inch for inch absorb a great deal of moisture for those times when a diaper needs to last. Place a thirsty microfiber insert on top of the stuffin, all inside the one size pocket for naptime or nighttime to complete a system that compliments both fit and function.

If you love the idea of a velcro closure on your diapers, but dread the diaper chains that occur when the laundry tabs fail and your diapers stick to each during washing and drying, our no-fail laundry tabs will be a breath of fresh air. Leading the industry with enclosure tabs that fold back on themselves our goal is to make laundering, stuffing and using your diapers that much easier for todays busy family.

In addition to a great fit, the assurance of a high quality USA made product, and a company that promises the best in customer service, we also priced our diapers with your family budget in mind. Our diapers are designed with easy-to-replace elastic, meaning if your elastic wears out during the course of your diapering years, a few stitches and a seam-ripping tool is all it takes to make the diapers like-new again. Additionally, our snaps on the front of the diaper, to adjust the size, and also the enclosure snaps are under a lifetime guarantee by the original owner, we ensure your diapers are built to last from top to cute babys bottom.

Make your babys heiny a Happy Heiny today!

Lindas Notes: We developed our size range with the idea that a full term newborn will likely not fit into our one size pockets at 8 pounds, however, we have confidence in the fit on an 8 pound baby who has reached the 4-6 week mark. The key is to have a little weight in the thigh area, which most new babies do not acquire for a few weeks. If you are looking for a more precise fit to prevent those infamous newborn bowel movement leaks, try our Mini One Size, which have passed customer testing on newborns as small as 4 pounds. The mini one size are a perfect lead in to our one size diapers, and provide the ease of use that a pocket diaper possesses. Dont look at the mini one size as just a diaper to last for 4-6 weeks, the 15 pound threshold may be achieved during that time, or may take several months, making them a wise investment for those early days for your baby.

Happy Heiny One For ALL one size pocket diaper-Happy Heiny One-Size Diaper, pocket diaper
Happy Heiny One For ALL one size pocket diaper
$18.95 - $20.95 $15.16 - $17.16
Happy Heiny Onederful (All in one) - cotton-Happy Heiny Onderful all in one cloth diaper
Happy Heiny Onederful (All in one) - cotton
$21.95 $17.56
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